Magician's Chains by Michelle Polaris

Magician's Chains - Michelle Polaris

If you don't like character driven stories, do not read this book, there is very little plot here.

The events unfold over a long week-end. Basically, it's one long therapeutic BDSM session (70% of the book, kid you not), where a fae, who is a "Magician" with his own show in Vegas, is trying to teach his long lost high school crush, who suffered years of verbal abuse, how to let go of his anger and reconnect with his former self and the world around him. No heavy BDSM, but it's not limited to light bondage and spanking, either. 

In the end, pretty tough decisions had to be made to save both human and fae worlds, the part I didn't care much for. 

Keep in mind, the characters have known each other since high school. There is no insta love here and the men are pretty comfortable with each other.

At times I thought the drama and angst was too much between the two and the language too flowery to the point of me having trouble getting through a sentence, but on the whole not a bad read at all. Definitely hot, with lots of scrumptious bdsm scenes =)

Что понравилось:

Да - Ангст, драма и извращенство =)~  
Нет - Эльфы, которые в самом конце оказались ни к селу ни к городу. 

4 stars.


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