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Luck in the Shadows - Lynn Flewelling



Am I the only one who finds this book so-so? 


There is action in the beginning, breaking out of the prison, lots of mystery and excitement. 

Then there is burglary and a narrow escape. Still OK, but the excitement of the pursuit is dwindling down and turns horror-ish - terrible nightmares, scary ghost-dude dressed in black lurking around, kinda predictable and not scary at all. ha-ha.

Then, as the MCs get on their second boat, the prose takes a purple tint. You know... I want to follow the characters while there is still some excitement left, but "No frigging way!" says the author and begins describing in the tiniest details statues, walls, buildings, roads, crap, more crap and then some more crap.

Then there is a huge lull in the story up until around 70% in. MCs just go about their daily business meeting people, reminiscing, gallivanting about town, this and that and in case something is amiss, more of the above. 


In all fairness, there is a lot of info being passed around, but it's breaking up the flow of the story and when some slight excitement builds up again it has a "meh" feeling to it. Everything goes according to plan and when it doesn't, it's - oh, who cares, they'll figure it out.

There are a lot of mysteries in the story, but none of them are revealed except for one or two very minor ones. 

I am at 90% now, but the villains from the very beginning never make their appearance again, they are not even mentioned after 30%. So, what was that initial commotion all about? The author moved on onto shinier things and we might not find out until volume 7. 



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