Darkness Awaits

Darkness Awaits - M.A. Church The book left me somewhat annoyed. Overall impression - just another vampire story with a vampire as a dom, a human turned lapdog, then turned vampire, very little BD some abuse and a predictable story line.
There was also that constant feeling that Michael, the human, was originally meant to be a woman.

I came across so many WTH moments, that I lost count, but most memorable are:
Vamp (Max) and his human, Michael, have been in Michael's dreams together forever. They finally meet, have hot and steamy sex, then the morning comes and Max wakes his lover with words: "Good morning, beautiful". The answer? "Look, I need to run. I'll come back and make breakfast". Max: "No running, we need to hurry to see Paul" O.o WTF? Two guys? In bed? In the morning? Hot sex last night, remember??? Hello??? Did their dicks fall off during the night?
I read the passage to my hubby. He laughed: "Sounds to me like Michael is telling his Vamp to beat it and be gone before breakfast". My thoughts exactly.
Then there is constant ringing of alarm clocks and various cell phones. All at the most convenient (or inconvenient) situations. I mean, honestly, it left my ears ringing for real by the time I was done with the book.
Michael keeps passing out or almost passing out every 2-3 chapters. A healthy 25 year old cannot handle seeing a hickey in the morning. OK, it was supposed to be a "dream" hickey he received during his wet dream, but c'mon! Next thing you know, he finds out that all of his new friends are either vampires or some other non-human creatures. He thinks along the lines That's a little weird and carries on like nothing happened. At that point I just rolled my eyes.


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