Immortality is the Suck

Immortality is the Suck - A.M. Riley Vampires in "Immortality is the Suck" don't sparkle, they are not even remotely pretty after they are back in the world of the living. Death intensifies character traits: violent become more violent, angry become angrier, gluttonous become even more so. These guys are all about blood and drugs and biker gangs. They are all about murder and crime. The ugly animal behind the vamp's human facade actually makes its unpleasant appearance. Anne Rice's vamps are plain boring next to the ones in this book, Adam even says so himself and I agree with him wholeheartedly.

Closer to the end the snark and dark humor that sucks you in dwindles down some, but once sucked in (pun, no pun, look at it any way you want) it's hard to put the book down. Intensity, however, doesn't deteriorate in the slightest, it builds up until the very end.

Can't wait to sink my teeth into book two :)

PS I have to say I added a star just for the glossary of translations at the end of the book. I wish it was a requirement to provide translations for all the foreign phrases and/or slang. Yes, I can get by with my bits and pieces of spanish, french, and italian, but honestly, it's nice not to rake your brain while reading a story.

PPS Anyone knows where I can get the in-between Adam & Peter 1.5? =)


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