Counterpoint - Rachel Haimowitz My thoughts right now?

I wish Ayden didn't help humans during the Surge. Better let them perish and use that chance to escape.

Not a single likable human character, including a spineless Prince of Farr, who can't even stand up to a representative of an apparently extremely opprest member of the society - a woman, The First Wife. Neither can he properly defend his property or people he is in charge of. Even children are little savages.

Elli is no better, a clueless child in La-la land. She needs a serious reality check in the form of flogging post next to her brother's. Maybe then she would start taking reality for what it is.

This society is too messed up as it is and House of Farr lets it slide even more. It's motto: "People get what people want, dammit! And people want it now!"

Maybe, maybe Lord Lini and young Ekkja are still somewhat redeemable. But the former is only a servant who would do anything for his master and the latter is ...dead.

There is no hope in this book, or rather by the middle of it you know to abandon any and all.

Ayden is the only likable character. And only because of him I am giving this book 3stars.

I wanted to write more, but Yvonne said it all in her review. I can sign under every single word.

Anywho... There is some good news. I found Ayden :D

Edilson Nascimento


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