Soft Focus

Soft Focus - Reno MacLeod, Jaye Valentine I really liked the book, despite things happening too fast between the three characters, literally in a span of a couple of days. Usually it turns me off. But even though my mind screams "too fast, can't be real!", my heart goes with "but they went through so much!"
There is not much BDSM in this book, but it doesn't have to be. We only get a short glimpse into the life of Ki and David, as many of us have already noticed (and taken the stars off for that, too). There are only hints at more intence scenes between the two throughout the book and it's fine with me personally. I don't expect whippings and extreme bondage in every book tagged "bdsm".
I would really love to know more about Kiyoshi's past or even present, besides the fact that he's David's partner. He is a very fascinating character.
5 stars.


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