The Master's Pet

The Master's Pet - Stormy Glenn There are two main characters: Zane, a big scary biker (I assume he's scary, there is no description of him anywhere in the book), and a drop dead gorgeous, though malnutritioned and abused, Jiri. Zane saves Jiri from his abusive stepfather under pretense of collecting a debt and makes him his "pet" mostly to keep poor boy from harm.

There are also Night Dwellers - mutants, who destroy and kill just for the joy of it and Zane takes Jiri to his town where people live in relative safety.

Set up seems to be nice enough, but I could not enjoy the book and here are the reasons:

Larry, Jiri's stepfather, took all his savings from him right before Zane showed up in his body shop.
Jiri was saving money. Paper. How it is still a good currency in the post-disaster world is a mystery to me.

Zane hints a couple of times at full D/s relationship, but in truth he is nothing but a big Teddy Bear where comes to Jiri and the little spoiled brat (the impression is very strong, though I have no idea when and how Jiri became one) has Zane wrapped around his little finger.

Things progress. Larry decides to break into Zane's home and shoots Jiri right in front of Zane. Right after Zane conveniently untied him - why??? - without so much as checking for a hidden weapon. And - oh, no! - instead of frantically searching for the wound to see how serious it is, to see if Jiri is even still alive, or even wounded in the first place (could be just a scratch), Zane does nothing but sit there screaming for Jiri to open his eyes...

There are really only four pages left, but I am really done with the book. One star.


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