Eyes of an Innocent

Eyes of an Innocent - Valentina Heart I really am at a loss what to say.
I'll try it in short sentences:
- This is NOT sci-fi. I can't really quite identify it.
The only cool idea in the whole entire book was that people developed ability to changes eye-color from green to blue after having sex for the first time (sort of like losing cat ears in Loveless).
- MC, Reji, is indeed so innocent, he might pass for a 12 year old.
- There is so much "love", combined with pining and whining and soothing and cooing and "making love" that I felt sticky and gooey, in desperate need of shower and Listerine.

- There were two sparks of promise - angst - that died all too fast.
1. An attempted rape. How could Shen, a Teacher, a "higher" being, not report rape, which is a crime, is beyond me. Rapist tried it once, clearly he'll try it again, and yet the Teacher let it slide *shrugs*
2. Reji sees Shen with another person, and returns home hurt and angry. Yet Shen manages to placate him in no time. So being gay for Reji is a problem, but being gay in a threesome relationship is fine and dandy?
- When Shen is trying to convince Reji that being gay is OK, explaining how there is nothing wrong to love a person regardless of sex or status or labels or anything else and I assume age as well, since Shen is so much older, I am sorry - he is not talking about being GAY, he is talking about being PANSEXUAL. Being gay for men means being sexually attracted to MEN and MEN only.

So much for short sentences :)
I know some actually liked the story, but I am going to use the good old "not my cup of tea" excuse.


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