The Cranberry Hush

The Cranberry Hush - Ben Monopoli After much whining and bitching I am giving this book 4 stars (ok, maybe 3.5, but it still rounds up to 4).

The last two chapters, or about 20-15% of the book, saved it for me. Somewhat. And even though I had trouble connecting with the characters and the abundance of details doing nothing for the plot drove me crazy, the writing was too good to give this book anything less than 4 stars.

I don't find this story sad, like many say. I am upset with Vince for being stuck in the past life and past love. I am upset with him and Griff for not solving problems as they came. When my bf withdrew from me, I found his dorm, stormed the attendant's barricades and went pounding on his door, demanding the explanation. But of course not everyone is brave and awesome that way. And I am upset with both of them dragging it out for so long - years! YEARS! - and making themselves (and a few readers in the process) miserable.

I realise this book is about Vince and Griff, but something more tangible in Vince/Zane department would have been nice. "I love him" is a pretty strong statement not to elaborate on it. I am worried for Zane. Considering all Vince's exes and his "loving" nature, this relationship doesn't seem stable enough to last. IMHO.


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