Last Line

Last Line - Harper Fox OK, so where are all the bad Russians Harper Fox keeps telling us about? Because Lucas Oriel is NOT a Russian name. Neither is Mikhaili nor Anzhel nor Mattvei (in that particular spelling) nor Zemelya, for that matter. Three quarters of Russian is misspelled almost beyond recognition. So, I am asking the author again - where are the Russians?
And what nationality are these people pretending to be Russian?
Full star off for that.

The story set my teeth on edge from the beginning, unfolding painfully slow. Constant cautious dancing around poor Micheal made my head ache even worse than Michael's own at the end of the book.
I couldn't figure out why the author insisted on coming up with paranormal elements. Simple brainwashing could have worked much better, in my opinion. However they might explain a Swiss army knife and a small gun that suddenly and very conveniently appeared in Michael's possession after pretend-to-be-Russian-mafiosi thoroughly patted John and Michael for weapons.

Considering that I wanted to rate the book 3 stars to begin with, the final rating is 2 stars.


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