When One Door Opens

When One Door Opens - J.D. Ruskin 3 stars. Nice enough story, even though it stalled a few times. I did enjoy reading it, but I am afraid, it's nothing remarkable. There are few books on my shelves just like that, four stars and nice comments on progress, but I have no recollection of the events and characters - they are blending in with too many (similar) books I've already read. More of the same.


I don't quite get Karen. Her purpose is clear enough, but she is evil just for the sake of being evil... sorry, "a nuisance". Showing up at all the convenient times to prod the story along.

Too many gay people popping up all over the place. MCs are obvious, so is AA center, but then it's Debb, and Caleb's neighbor, and let's not forget that butch dyke on the first floor. And, surprise, surprise - Harry... And I am still not sure about Michael O.o

For someone with a severe case of phobia, Caleb is surprisingly light on his feet, going to overcrowded places and not having a single episode in a public place.


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