The Trouble With Angel

The Trouble With Angel - J.M. Cartwright First of - Lilia, thank you so much for letting me borrow this book! Unfortunately, I don't think I can finish it :( The way Brandon forced Angel into relationship, and with kids, too(!) is not right.

Brandon and Cece-the-madam are driving poor Angel (and me equally) insane and for many reasons.

- If Brandon has full legal custody of the kids, why the circus at the minister's place? Why bring anyone at all and then lie about your relationship to the minister(!) and the kids(!)?

- We are told that Brandon and Angel are acquainted, but no more than that. 30% into the book and it still feels like they are complete strangers. Then out of the blue, after hanging out together for 12 or so hours, Brandon forces himself onto Angel at the penthouse. It's obvious from Angel's body language that he is still not sure of Brandon. You don't jump someone just because they think you're cute and adorable (which, Brandon, you are not, the way you act) and you have a morning woody. That's pretty much a dub-con for me.

- I would think 1000 times before getting someone involved with my kids as a parent or a guardian. Angel is a complete stranger to Brandon and the kids at this point. Does Angel even like children? O.o Brandon's luck he seems to be OK with them and not in a child molester way.

- Brandon is doing everything he can to antagonize and mock poor Angel. Why? For what purpose? Please, tell me, cause I was under impression that if you genuinely like someone and want to court/date them, this is not the way to do it. Especially if you don't want to get them in trouble - Brandon is Angel's client. You don't sleep with your clients unless you're a rentboy.

- Now, imagine liking your job, liking your cloths (nothing wrong with it. absolutely nothing.), liking your lifestyle, being a city boy, all is well with the world... but - no. All of a sudden you're given away by your boss like a piece of property. Not only you're forced into a relationship with your client, you are forced to take care of someone else's kids and have a full-blown family...

WHOA! STOP! Anyone asked Angel what he wanted? Not in my part of the book. Did I miss a "slave/human-pet" tag?

I am sorry, the book lost all the appeal to me after Cece gave Angel away.


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