Lesser Evils

Lesser Evils - Andrea Speed This series is the most spectacular fireworks I've ever seen! Loud booms, growls and roars and explosions of light and color and raining shi.. er shells on (unprotected) heads of the spectators/readers! The darker the dark parts after blinding action and the brighter the bright ones after coming out of the black void. Pure awesomeness ...

...if only it wasn't for the author's love for running a successful joke or two into the ground by the end of an installment. This time victims are "a newbie, so young...." and "no pun intended/pun intended". But it's the only fault with the books I can find so far, so I'm not going to dwell on it.

Oh, yeah, and the cover is gorgeous! The only one I've ever seen that is not bat-shit scary or hysterical-looking that shows human/animal transformation. Did I say "gorgeous"? Yep. That :D


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