An Unlocked Heart

An Unlocked Heart - K.C. Wells Soooooo....
Seeing how I struggled and fought to get to 75% and considering I did skim through the rest 25% all the way to the end, I believe I am entitled to file this book under "Read" instead of "DNF".
I prefer not to say anything here in the review except for I did not like it.

POSSIBLE (but not real) SPOILERS BELOW!!!!


If Alex is nearly annoying in RL as he is in his diary, than I SO get why his family is fed up with him. 'Cause, like, seriously... Wow, who is this person in the diary trying not to faint during orgasms? LOL Okay, sounds like the inner Goddess is finally coming through - pun intended, lol - and all I see... is - OMFG - Ana(!) on each and every page the BOY pens down. Fuck, yeah! Or NOT!
Dear diary!
Can someone shoot me? No - shit, wait - I think instead I am simply going to dnf this.. cause, like, you know, less drama. Yeah...


PS If you think my review is weird, try reading Alex's diary. Good luck!


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