Slide - Garrett Leigh I tried giving this book a few days before writing review. But no, nothing has changed for me.

I can't exactly say the story is boring or dull to the full extent of it. It just has this sense of "no way out". MCs are stuck in a tiresome cycle, going through the same motions weeks after weeks of nuclear neverending winter. Kafka much? As far as I recall even Castle had more action and suspense. There is no progression of any sort, no continuous character or plot development for the most chapters. And when it's there, it comes in bits and pieces. Even the culmination of the story is anticlimactic, not to mention that everything that followed went downhill in a jumbled ball.

None of the secondary characters made an impression on me either. None. Apparently they are not important enough which brings up the question, why some of them are even there to begin with. The girl in the end - why? Unless, of course, she plays some important - very important - part further in the series.

Pete, to some extent, became even more dazed and confused as the time passed, despite all of his multiple "moments of clarity". Ash, in the epilogue, sounded like a drone. Convenient coincidences and perpetual drama with no bright spots whatsoever did not help to gain any stars either.

Minor typos and editorial errors at this point are irrelevant.

I don't know, maybe it was the author's intention all along to make the book this monotonous, no true highs or downs save for scraps thrown in to keep us reading, with cold grey depressing winter as backdrop. Then I beg the author's pardon.

As it stands - not entirely my cup of book.


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