Taken - M.A. Church I am DNF-ing at 55%; applying math, rounding up to the nearest zero and claiming this nonsense as "read" to compensate for my lost time and money.

Mild spoilers below!


Too many words in this book, too much food intake, too much your good ole WTF-ery. Here's an example: 22 year old guy buys an extremely expensive nightshirt (no pants, just the shirt) to give himself courage and to convince his already sex-crazed alien-lover to take him to bed: "I'd found a sexy nightshirt that clearly screamed, "Take me to bed and fuck me silly."" Bleh.

I have no idea why the author even bothered to make the protagonist male. Too much talk about pregnancy and being sick in every way possible while at it. When I started the book I was hoping for an m/m sci-fi with angst and tons of sexual tension, not a catalogue of pregnancy complications.

There are few instances, where the MC practices some sort of alien karate and throws a punch at a vicious criminal, but - hey! there are plenty of women out there who are capable of a mean self-defence too! That alone doesn't justify making the character a guy. This should be an f/m romance.

I can go on and on and on, but I don't want to waste more time on it than I already have.

My rating for the first 55% is 1 star.

When and if I feel like I need more words in my life I might finish this book, but not in the nearest future. Moving on to shinier things with substance :D

Forgot to add:

Royalty - maybe it does amount to something later in the book, but in the first half it only provides a convenient excuse for murder, nothing more.

Kidnapping - yep, takes place. But all the fun is taken away when Dale, within days, decides it's totally cool with him. Really? O.o

Mpreg - only talk so far, but even that is overwhelming. Pregnancy is not something I want to read about. Not with all the gross gruesome details. Been there, done that, want to get as far away from it as possible and never think about it again, EVER.

Rainbows and lollipops - Yes, mostly. Though somewhat spoiled by clumsy attempts at violence. Still, all the villains are being counseled and are doing awesome, on the way to speedy recovery from their wickedness within whole two days (just in case you're concerned).

Dub-con - not even bothering with this one, there is none.

The End.


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