Henri's War

Henri's War - Cooper West I love this set-up so much, I wish I could give it 5 stars, but I can't.

I want more details, I want dangers that occupation brings, I want evil organizations taking Henri down, not a lonely dude with no one behind him or at least a spy or a good guy turned bad (is that what happened here? it was a 2 am read. *scratches head*), I want... a novel!
The motive alone behind the revolution that will continue on even with Henri out of the picture is worth giving this book 4 stars. I know at least one revolution that had happened because the guy was desperate to take his mind off his very blue balls. Ha. This is so much better.

That said,
Viva la revolution, черт побери!
Да здравствует революция, god dammit!
No pasaran! ...or whatever.

PS What Rachel said.


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