Tarnished Toys

Tarnished Toys - Gabbo De La Parra 2.5 stars

The story itself was pretty imaginative, but the MC didn't go through enough emotional transformation, at least it wasn't shown very well, to get me to a satisfying ending. It seems like MC's punishment wore him out only on physical level.

There was no chemistry between the two MCs that I could find. Once again, Triple Z's attraction seemed purely physical with a dash of pity thrown in. Looks like he, too, fell prey to the "gift of God to all gay men".

Still, the story wasn't bad and was probably heading towards 4 stars, when both endings ruined it for me.

- The first one MC didn't deserve. Nor to die nor to come out truly happy out of it without any kind of atonement, other than covering himself in tears and snot and admitting to himself he was a jerk.

- The second one was too cold and too unemotional. Once again, no true remorse was shown, except for a quick and dry apology to his former one night stand, and a cold, almost insulting, demand(!) to be forgiven by the lover of the injured man. Offering money was a nice jest, but it was thrown like a bone. And off our MC went, his ugly past behind him, not a care in the world, to a bright and happy future with a new lover. BLEH.


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