Twice-Caught - Syd McGinley Before I say anything else,

I love SMG's books! I adore - hear me? - adore! [b:What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?|4827407|What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?|Syd McGinley||4892568]!


Now, back to originally scheduled bitching.

That's it. I did it. I started the series...


... and I finished it. I wanted answers and now I will never have them.

My suffers were for nothing. I have more questions than before and they are driving me insane. Nothing makes sense and there is no logic at all where the worldbuilding is concerned. I hate this book so much...

image makes me feel crazy crazy feelz...


...which I really want to share so my head won't explode, but I am going to spare you. You've suffered enough, if you have ever read past first two chapters.

However, I still choose to present my absolute favorite pet peeve.


"Mothers" (an elite, controlling all-female entity) explain a couple of times throughout the series why boys must live in the woods.

This is what they say
Mothers: The young kids go through crash survival course at the age of eight and then released into the woods for the additional 8 or 9 years of rough living so they can truly appreciate "civilization".

Um... WHAT? @.@

This is what my eyes saw and was mercilessly burnt into my brain
Underage sex-slave traders/pimps: Young children with only basic survival skills and extremely limited supplies are dumped in the woods for almost a decade. We promise, that the rough experience will not only guarantee to enhance their life as sex slaves, but also make them truly appreciate it.


0.5 star.

Additional star for Tarin, Ofer and Aran. The only three I cared for, even though Aran drove me insane with his endless singing.


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