Is it another glitch? What happened? I went to correct one(!) link and now my wallpaper is gone, all of my customized settings are gone, days I spent on tweaking HTML and creating a to-read list, all 5 pages of it ... all for nothing :( 


I really really hope it's just another glitch, because all I see right now on my screen is a GREY background with a Booklikes banner and menu on top. Dashboard no matter where I go. Tried different browsers with the same result.


Not to mention my import is a no-go. I've been waiting for three days now for the blasted thing to upload and unfurl itself.


Damn, BookLikes! Just... damn! :(


UPDATE: So, this is definitely a glitch and a very unpleasant one. My customized theme blinks in and out of existence. Still no imported books. No updates from my linked GR account either >:-|


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