Incubus Master Part 1

Incubus Master Part 1 - Yamila Abraham Absolutely horrible :(

It says "This is the first part of the wildly popular erotic novel, Incubus Master" but it felt like a middle of a book. I checked and double checked and it certainly does say "Part 1" in what looks like independent series, but I am fairly certain there is at least a couple of books that came before "Incubus". I couldn't understand what was going on and why and was very confused by the end. Poor editing certainly didn't help.

The writing didn't impress me at all. This is no-go author for me even if the series were lined up perfectly.

There was also an insane amount of sex, for which I simply did not care.

I read more reviews. Apparently, this is not a stand alone series (or a book) *rolls eyes* You need to read Winter Demon and Dark Prince first, though I am not sure in which order.


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