Anyone else want author disclaimers on amazon saying "Not the final edition" or "Beta Readers Wanted"?

Reblogged from Debbie's Spurts:

I seriously want amazon to start doing some sort of "Draft version," "Fundraising version, not ready to be published but you will get free updated versions" or "This edition not yet ready to be published but Beta readers needed" kindle editions for sale or for free.  With a "contact the author" link to send your beta reading notes and edits.  And without letting anyone rate/review publicly on the site, just to the author via the contact menu option.


Wouldn't that be way more honest for everyone?   In addition to the VINE (ARC) program,  an actual beta reader version?  Instead of authors putting up books for sale they know need editing (and maybe better book covers) because they cannot afford editing yet and expect the first sales to readers of the bad version to fund the next version and reviewers to provide editing and funding?




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