Hainted by Jordan L. Hawk

Hainted - Jordan L. Hawk

omgthisbook! @.@

I hate ghosts. I hate zombies. I hate horror.

4.5 stars. Do I make sense? O.o




There are some editorial problems, but not enough to dramatically affect my rating. The ending was a bit predictable and I while was hoping for a darker, more complex finale, I really can't complain about the existing one either. 


"Sweethearts" and "babies" caught me by surprise, but - whatever. I've seen couples like that in real life and I thought they were the cutest. My Egyptian-looking classmate and her Scottish highlander prince in a kilt, for example. He frigging adores her and calls her "my love", "my life", "my heart" and "my goddess".... and how the hell does it not come out as the cheesiest names, I have no clue! I melt... ♥ *sigh*


So there you have it :) 4.5 stands.


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