"A Knight to Remember" - Reading progress update: I've read 40%.

A Knight to Remember - Anne Barwell

I am considering DNF-ing this book.


The prose is wordy. I am 40% in, but MC's haven't even made it to their destination yet , never mind starting on the quest (being two steps away from the local village doesn't count) -  too busy talking. So busy, in fact, that all kinds of people and creatures sneak up on them all the time. I won't be surprised if a herd of mad rhinoceroses, stampeding through the woods,  managed to sneak up on them. Argh! Drives me nuts!


With all the talking, though, their conversations are lacking logic and common sense. Their actions lack logic and common sense. This whole book lacks logic. Why am I still reading it? @.@


I think I'd be better off going through my London pics, than killing my time and brain cells on this disaster.


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