Burn by T.J. Klune: I've read 2%.

Burn - T.J. Klune

I've been reading this forever and I am still at 2%. How long is this book?


I. Hate. Foreign. Words. In. The. Middle. Of. A. Story.

Yes, all that fancy-schmancy Latin the Dead Tree uses to impress a nine-year old, who probably has no clue as to WTH, is not that hard: wind and storm and fire and burning and everything (or smth to that degree). But it might be frustrating, not to mention disruptive, to the reading process if you have no idea what the words mean. Cheap show off that Tree is.

2% in - This is some heavy-duty stuff. Talking dead trees, wicked doppelgangers and self-combusting kids. I feel like I am drowning in words. Can I go back to my War and Peace now?


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