"Beautiful" by Liliaeth: I've read 30%.

Beautiful - Liliaeth

I understand it's a fanfic. You have to be familiar with the universe. You must know at least a few facts about the characters and their history to understand what's going on.



I got this fanfic in a challenge and now I feel very confused.


There are so many "why's" in my head I don't even know where to begin.


Why did Dean's father leave without providing for his kids?

Why did he have to leave in the first place?

Why couldn't Dean find a job before the rent was due? Like a month before the rent was due?

Why is Dean making excuses for his father?

Why bring a child into this? O.o

How old is Dean?


I like the idea of human pets and I think a short original would have been better than a fanfic.


Back to reading.




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