Command and Compliance by Tadgh Faolan - 50%

Command and Compliance - Tadgh Faolan

You won't believe it (I can't believe myself), but I am reading on. For the research purposes only!! Seriously.


I am trying to find a lube scene. So far - none. No lube, no sex. That lubeless scene in the beginning was the only sex scene in the first half of the book about BDSM, a BDSM club owner, kinky friends of the club owner, club slaves and submissive alpha werewolves. NO SEX.


The language is still too dry and primitive, sentences chopped. Very hard to follow. 


I feel like I need compensation for my suffers, but the idea of doing it for the greater good (of warning people) is gratifying enough. No need to thank me. 


I will keep updating you on the lube shortage situation.


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