Suicide Point - Reading progress update: I've read 33%.

Suicide Point - Georgie Leigh

I don't know about this book. It feels like it's an amputee on the front end... ok, you can go ahead and make jokes.

On a serious note, I do feel like I was dumped in the middle of a book with first pages missing. There is a short prologue, which takes place 10 years prior to chapter 1. And then there is chapter 1, which is about Ness kicking Charlie out at 3 am after a one night stand one month before the accident.

That's all that's given to us to piece Charlie's character together before he got into that car accident.

There are glimpses of old Charlie here and there, mostly Ness's memories, but to me it seems like the author doesn't consider pre-accident Charlie important enough to be given at least a couple of full chapters of his own.

Joey is too creepy, but GL's avoidance of showing more of him only adds to frustration and not the suspense. I know something is going to come out of that creepiness, but I can't give GL credit for that. Joey is too obvious, because GL points every single arrow in his direction: LOOK! ~~~> Joey!! <~~~ Something is wrong with him! All the time! @.@

I feel a touch disoriented :(


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