Play It Again, Charlie by R. Cooper

Play It Again, Charlie - R. Cooper
01/09     5.0% "924 pages on my iBooks. Ouch :( Not that I don't like long books, but I prefer to choose them myself. Well, poo... must finish by the end of the month."
01/17     5.0% "Very confusing writing. I am confused. Lots of unfinished, confusing sentences for a professor. O.o"
01/17     10.0% "I figured it out. I read the dialog and I skip everything in between. Makes more sense :D"
01/18     10.0% "I am already messed up! There is no need to mess me up any more!!! Chapter 4: Where is Charlie? 2 paragraphs at home, two paragraphs at the gym, two paragraphs of general ranting. Did I already say how confusing the book is??? The dialog. Jeanine: "You can come back here (the gym) again..." Charlie - "answers finally": "A guy not calling." What? WHAT??? Did I miss something?


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