How to find your keys - IF you can find your phone first.

This is pretty cool, but more often than not I can't find MY PHONE.

I wonder, though, if it works of dogs, will it work on kids? 

StickR TrackR // Pack of 2StickR TrackR // Pack of 2StickR TrackR // Pack of 2StickR TrackR // Pack of 2StickR TrackR // Pack of 2
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StickR TrackR // Pack of 2

By Chris Herbert & Christian Smith

$35.00 $39.95 retail

Stop wasting time looking for your phone, keys, purses and other valuables! The TrackR allows you to easily find and keep track of all your belongings using your iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. Just insert the quarter-sized StickR TrackR device into your wallet or attach it to any item you would like to track via the easy to use key loop. The free TrackR App on your smartphone detects the device’s location, enabling you to locate any item within seconds.

The TrackR features a Forget-Me-Not Reminder that ensures you will always keep your necessary belongings with you and a Lost and Found Map thatautomatically remembers where you left your belongings and displays where they are on a map. The TrackR App guides you to your things in seconds with a distance indicator and ringer. The locator works both ways. If you can’t find your phone, press and hold the TrackR button to ring your phone, even if your phone is on silent mode!



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