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Prince of Silk and Thorns - Cherry Dare

This won't fit in the update and it is lost in the comments. I am reposting it here. Sorry, I have to vent, but you don't have to comment.

Is it me being anal not even 15% into the book or are there real issues here?

- I still don't know what Garin looks like, except for being "great ox". Throw me something, will ya, Cherry?


- Misplaced modifiers! "Watching this interplay, the corners of Prince Alar’s sensual lips curved in cruel amusement." I can forgive a lot. This is one thing that does it for me, though. My English is not perfect, but then I don't publish. Brush up on your grammar, dammit.

- And then there is Alar's sword. "It struck me then that his sword was belted on the left. In my village, left-handedness was said to be the sign of Lucifer." Wait. What? Internet search. Waste of time. But I had to be sure. If you're left-handed, you belt your sword on your right. Right? RIGHT? O.o


- Garin spends weeks in Alar's quarters glued to the windows. Seriously? Captive Prince, Counterpoint, The Emperor's Wolf & half a dozen other books came to mind right then and hit me like an avalanche tumbling off overturned library book shelves . Me - brainfreeze. Where am I? Which book is this? More importantly, why am I reading this. I've read this before...


- The under the table scene. I am trying to figure it out. Someone has either really long arms, or really long cock or a tongue of a snake and an exceptionally huge ass at that, too. I tried drawing that scene on paper to figure it out. Waste of time. And how can you fuck someone, who is under the table, in their ass, while you are sitting on a chair, pretending to have a snooty conversation? "Would you like a spot of tea now, dearest?"


- Oh... And that Alar. Very scary dude. I mean, truly scary, a cold vicious killer. Is that why everyone is making fun of him and teasing him like he is a laughing stock of the entire kingdom? 


OK, I am done for the first 15%. Reading on. Be back if this does not improve.

Out of the spoiler tag. Guys, honestly, tell me, is it possible to screw a guy, who's hiding under the table, while you're sitting at that same table, eating and drinking (no weird positions on the chair). I mean, your dick must be bending backwards. Painfully so.

Yes? No?




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