Stained Glass by Jaime Samms

Stained Glass - Jaime Samms

Wow, what a whirlwind of emotions! Like a hurricane blew over. Could also be that I am reading this on the heels of the very stiff and unimpressive writing of Strength of the Pack series.

Sorta kinda spoiler:

"Stained Glass" is a very complicated story. There are two sides to the abuser and there are two sides to the abused. The picture is pretty clear in the beginning, but the focus shifts as Laurie shares his memories, and in the end Nash is not an evil, selfish and abusive dom, but something entirely different. Too bad we never get to know the true Nash or to hear what he has to say. But then, of course, the twist would be gone, if it were the case...

In the end, I feel very sad for Nash and glad that Laurie made it in one piece. 

Loved it. 

5 stars.


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