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Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna

2.5 stars.


Unimpressed. Considering the location, as well as the length of the book, there is a disappointing amount of military action. Could have done without that even, since the book reads like a manual on werewolves and shifter sex/relatioship. The language is dry and heavy on unnecessary details and military terms. This book is not reader-friendly.


Just to clear the subject: I am not a native speaker. I suspect a few of these words might be well known to those who grew up in the US. Then again, a lot of it is still a mystery to even your average American, who has nothing to do with the military. Believe me, I know, I talked to people and not just on GR (bugged the hell out of my husband, and a friend).


The author should have provided the list I am posting (or something similar), but since she didn't, this is for those of us who is not "in the know":


Useful links:

- US Marine Military Ranks, Lowest to Highest

- List of US Marine Corps acronyms and expressions

- Glossary of Military Terms & Slang


A few take outs:

- NCO: Non Commissioned Officer

- Victor: Military Armored Vehicle
Not sure why it's called a "victor". Definitely not a quick find on google. Didn't want to keep digging. Waste of time.

- Ka-Bar or K-bar: combat knife

- seven-mike: seven minutes

- oscar-mike: on the move

- Gunny: nickname for Gunnery Sergeant, improper to call a Master Gunnery Sergeant this

- RTB: return to base

- LPC: Leather Personnel Carrier. Combat boots or any shoes for that matter.

- OCS: Officer Candidate School or Officer Cadet School

- klick: kilometer

- BLUFOR: In military wargames, blue is generally used to represent friendly forces and red (though sometimes orange) to represent enemy forces.

- IDE: Improvised explosive device.

- EOD: Explosive Ordnance Disposal (Specialist Jobs).

- CP is, obviously, Combat Post, still took a sec for my mind to decypher. That's a sec that took me out of the story.

- five-hotel: Five Hours? HOTEL - military phonetic for the letter 'H'

- three-golf: (Have NO frigging clue - Mrella). GOLF - military phonetic for the letter 'G'

- MCRD: Marine Corps Recruit Depot 



If you speak military, good for you. If not, I hope the list helps.





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