Strength of the Pack by Kendall McKenna: I've read 50%.

Strength of the Pack - Kendall McKenna

I am really annoyed. I don't read a lot of military books and I am not familiar with the terminology, abbreviations and acronyms. Constantly switching to Chrome on my iPad to look up an oscar-mike or a seven-mike or hm3 or pause to figure out cas-evac (yeah, that one is easy, but still pulled me out of the story for a couple of seconds) is extremely frustrating. I loved the glossary "Bone Rider" had. That alone deserves a star.


The beginning was confusing, I kept checking various sites to find out if that was indeed book 1 in the series or if it might be a spin-off. The werewolves in this universe are never properly explained. So, yeah, a bit of disorientation took place.


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