Suicide Ride: The Platinum Man (Suicide Ride, #1)

Suicide Ride: The Platinum Man - E. Llewellyn

The blurb definitely stands out and grabs your attention. And then sucks your brains out. If that's the way the whole story is written, it deserves a solid negative one star. Too bad there is no such rating available:(

However, I heard that the book was written by a paranormal creature. A zombie or an ogre or a troll or some such, which explains the foul language, disjointed sentences and body parts with strange inclinations (eyes, grabbing for straws)...


So, what the hell, I'll throw in a star for the poor dear trying to censor herself and keeping the nastiest nasties out while writing the book, not that it was a total success. 

There you go! 



Oh, look! Turned out to be 4/5 of a star. Well, given a choice on BookLikes, I am rounding it down to 1/2. 


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