First Watch by Peter Hansen

First Watch - Peter  Hansen

WARNING: No tentacle sex!!! 


Quite a bit is left unsaid in this story. I see it as a positive thing, it adds to the mystery.




The ending fails to spell out not only MCs future but their immediate future as well. Like "5 seconds from now" future. No one had seen the captain die. The boys step outside the room and - who knows? 





They see the captain?




They drop dead?





Their zombie body parts start falling off?

Omg I need a bucket for this one!!!! Tom ♥.♥ =)~~~~ *turns into a pile of goo*




At one point I felt sorry for the captain. He seemed like a very lonely creature with a major crush on an alien (to him) being. Such a big crush, indeed, that the poor dear made himself so trusting, so blind, accepting all the BS Edouard fed him. All the way to the very end.

"Betrayal. Misery. Edouard Montreuil... ...Stay beneath the water with me, Edouard Montreuil. I’ll wrap myself around you in the trenches, and I’ll make you a god of the deep..."




This is A Happy For Just F*ckin Now Ending. Somehow it worked for me.

Surprisingly, I don't want a sequel, but another book set in the same universe would be great.


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