Deadlines - Fabian Black I am sorry if I don't do this correctly. I do not usually right reviews, I simply express my feelings.

For me this book was tough to get through at first. It was boring and confusing and irritating. However after first 40 or so pages, even though I was extremely annoyed with the main characters, I was completely drawn into the plot.

After finishing the book I've discovered that reading it was like listening to an orchestra right before a concert or an opera. Each instrument (character) carries its own tune, but they are out of sync, a cacophony. Then sounds pause and the noise settles. And then, by the magic of a conductor's wand, everyone takes a deep breath and all stray tunes suddenly fall into place, playing perfectly in sync and making sense.

About two thirds into the book you get an explanation to Michael's antics and, amazingly, all irrational irritating details start pulling together, presenting the whole picture on a larger scale. The scattered pieces fit and everything makes sense.

The only problem for me was a dialog. Every once in a while I would roll my eyes - do people ever talk like that to each other? **snickers**

Four and a half stars from me :)

(English is not my native language, so - sorry about lapses and grammar ;) )


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