My Fair Laddie

My Fair Laddie - Ryan Field How many times, while re-reading my favorite classics, did I wish they were actually written about same sex couples (m/m or f/f)!

When I came across "My Fair Laddie", I was so thrilled, I bought it right on the spot and literally inhaled it. However, the book left me with very mixed feelings. On the one hand, I was annoyed at the similarities, hoping maybe for more deviations from the original plot, on the other, I was (and still am) really glad that the author stuck to it closely.

The funny thing, I had images of Audrey Hepburn constantly popping up in my mind - lol! I am sure I will actually buy the movie now only never again to watch it from the conventional point of view.

I loved the book and I filed it under "my favorites". Even poor editing, that kept pulling me out of the plot, can't make me lower the rating. Five stars.


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