Vassily the Beautiful

Vassily the Beautiful - Angel Martinez Not sure how to rate it...

Before I begin, though.
Sumerki=Dusk. The book starts with his name :)
Poldien=Noon. Rassvet=Dawn.

Can't say I liked the beginning of the book (much), but as Vassily set out to find Baba Yaga's house, things improved dramatically. I really had fun reading the story, loved Baba Yaga, as she ended up to be one of the best characters in the book (besides Vasya and Sumerki). I am not totally sold on Vassily's mother, Irene, or his so-called brothers. Very sketchy people, if you ask me ;) Irene was a huge disappointment. Smart woman, we were told, but totally oblivious to anything around her and her own maternal instincts. I wish there was more of Giorgio, but - oh, well. For some reason, it feels like a little follow up on the minor characters is in order :)

Oh, and the bird and the androids... Every character in folk tales is important. You're kind to them and then they pay you back by saving your skin. I was waiting for the talking bird to make some kind of appearance and help save the day a flock of birds from the park to distract Dubov's goons during their attack on Yaga's house, but - alas. The gun on the wall never got a chance to fire ;)

Anyway, 3 stars for the first quarter of the book. Solid 4 stars for the rest.


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