Calor del Amor

Calor del Amor - K.B. Forrest I am baffled.

Not a single person in this book makes sense. Actually no, sorry, two of the characters do (sort of), but only because the first one is an abusive control freak, who happens to be a bad cop and the other one is his gay son, who runs away from home after being driven to the point of committing suicide (you can't expect any rational decision or thought from him after 18 years of physical and emotional abuse).
But, in all honesty, I could not put the book down. It was a very surreal reading.
Two stars, since the book kept me captivated (what's the next bizarre fact/event in this AU, what else can police get away with?) and also because I am a big sucker for poor abused cinderfellas.
Nope.... changing it to one star.


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