Aftermath - Cara Dee I am not sure what to think about this book. What is it about?
Of course, it's about kidnapping and horrible time kidnapped men had to live through. It's about surviving long months in captivity and after. It's about re-thinking and abandoning the old ways and taking risks and getting what you want (each other in this case).

So, that was all cool. These were great components of the story. However it didn't feel complete to me. A huge, irreplaceable part of that story was missing - The Road to Recovery. I didn't feel it, I didn't see it, MCs didn't show it. Of course, we know the boys are on their way to recovery (never complete, understandable), because that's what we are told in the last chapter and the epilogue. They got what they wanted and they are happy now, even if still living with the aftermath of the nightmare they went through, and they are "better".


OK, if the author says so.

Now, what's with Aspergers? Couldn't Cam just be shy? Easily. Anxiety attacks? Might happen to the best of us in tense situations. I am not downplaying the disease. I am wondering why the author chose to give it to Cam (and mention it every chance there was) and not Austin, who, judging by his behavior is also eligible for a tattoo that says "wired differently" (or whatever that saying was). Cam just comes off as a whiny kid. I can't figure out why Aspergers was crammed in this story. There was no reason for that.

All in all the story wasn't too bad and I really liked Austin.

3.5 stars


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