Inheritance (Dominion, #1)

Inheritance (Dominion, #1) - Lissa Kasey I am really torn between 4 and 5 stars.

I am going to take spoiler out of the tags, since it doesn't really give away much. We already know both MCs are going to survive (hence the series).

The whole "the bad guy catches the good guy, the good guy tricks the bad guy, bad guy dies a painful death" routine is kinda getting very old after reading few books in a row with the same plot development.

Gabriel is such a beautiful, fascinating name with an amazing origin. I hate to see it shortened to a dull ordinary "Gabe".

Other than those two bits I found the book captivating. I also love books that prompt you to do a research whether it's additional information on a certain subject, checking with a vocabulary, listening to specific band/music or browsing for recipes :) My cookbook just gained a few pages of yummy-ness :)

4.5 stars.


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