Healing in His Wings (Healing #1)

Healing in His Wings - Ariel Tachna Please, do not read it, if you are Ariel Tachna. I have nothing against you, I don't even have anything against this book, it's just not my cup of parberry juice. I simply feel a strong urge to share my feeling about a book that took me less time to read than to write this review.


Spoiler alert, sorta:
I can say this whole review is one big spoiler, but the book is damn predictable, the first chapter of the story spoils it for you without me even trying.


A crew of spacers - not dental spacers - gets infected with some unknown plague. Peeps die left and right and in between, too.

In an uncharted part of the universe those spacers conveniently, within days of contracting the disease, stumble across a new, unknown planet populated by angelic-like beings, who - ha-ha, surprise! - are too friendly and too helpful and totally have the scary plague under control. And get this: spacers and angels can even understand each other perfectly... 'cause spacers' universal translator is just that. damn. good.

The crew gets better under very intimate care (cure by hugs) provided by the angels, while spacer's First Officer, who is still mourning his lover and now rooming with the cutest Senior Medical Apprentice on the planet, takes sudden turn for the worst. OK, two turns, but first one was a parberry hangover.

The SMA falls for the FO, the FO falls for the SMA. Their relationship deepens during the terrible times of new dangers aka hangover and plague. Very Shakespearean, let me tell you:
"She loved me for the dangers I had passed,
And I loved her that she did pity them."
(not that either of them were female)

*sniffs and blows her nose-y*

In his fever-induced nightmares the FO gets permission from his dead lover, Nikolai (Коля-Коля-Николай, сиди дома не гуляй < - - that was Russian), to date, to marry and to be merry. What a great (dead) guy.

*sniffs and blows her nose-y*... crap, I only had one tissue. Snot, meet Computer Screen.

FO survives the terrors of hangover and the plague. Upon his crew's departure he wants to say goodbye to his angel, but SMA is nowhere to be found. FO is heartbroken, but duty calls. In the mean time SMA secretly becomes a part of the spacer's crew and invades the FO's quarters. Oh, sweet reunion!

*sniffs and blows her nose-y*... thank goodness for a stray napkin.

They room together yet again.

All is well with the uncharted part of the universe. Amen.

I might have liked it in second grade, sex aside, but nowadays I am just not into that kind of rainbows and lollipops.

Finished it in 30 minutes, skimming all the way.


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