Fun with Dick and Shane: memoirs of a Houseboy

Fun With Dick and Shane: The Memoirs Of A Submissive Houseboy - Gillibran Brown So.... .... ....
I have not idea how to rate this book.

Started funny enough, but attach "humor" tag to it and it will get 0.2 stars from me. That's "point two".
Attach "abuse" & "story of a psychopath" tag and I will gladly slap it with 5 shiny stars.

Now here is the funny part - I can't make those ratings meet in between. Hence no rating at all.

I am so upset with this book, I am not going to elaborate further. If you're curious, check out my comments.

Every time I come across this book all I feel is sadness. I am rating it accordingly - 2 stars.


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