But For You (A Matter of Time)

But For You (A Matter of Time #6) - Mary Calmes I have to apologize to Mary for giving the book three stars. It is a very good book, if you are looking for a family story. Kids are cute and adorable and there are a lot of them in more ways than one - a lot of kids going to school and on vacation and doing cute and adorable things with their friends and with their parents which takes up more than half the book. I guess it is necessary to show us how well everything worked out for Sam and Jory in the end. And I am very happy for them as well as Dane and Aja.

But this is not why I bought the book. I wanted more adventure, more scatterbrain Jory, I wanted to know what happened to Jory's friends who were no small part of the previous books (I am talking about those friends who did not end up having kids) - that sort of thing. But the only one who made it was Aaron, for the sole purpose of buying Jory a new car and doing a tiny bit of a background check on Kevin... oh, and fall in love with Duncan, who - surprise! - was gay and in the closet (this time the book could have easily done without Jory's attempt at matchmaking). Even Dane and Sam had very little presence throughout the book; they where popping in and out for a couple of pages here and there only to scowl or growl at domesticated Jory. By the way, does he even have a job anymore? I can't remember what with trying to keep track of all the kids and family members. Also, how many friends of his own does Jory still have? O.o

Everywhere Jory went, trouble found him, which I thought was a little bit on the "unbelievable" side. Even book 1 was not that bad. Now it seems that half the world is out to get him just because. Everyone of any importance turned out to be gay or have multiple kids or both. I was skimming through the book like crazy. :(

Still, I love Sam and Jory and would probably read the first 5 books again. Just not this one.
3 stars.


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