Knightly Love

Knightly Love - Fyn Alexander As I remember from my history lessons, literacy was not a priority to the nobles in the 15 or early 16th century, so needles to say, the "tutor" idea surprised me right off the start. I also doubt that in those ages a small cluster of happy and comfortable about their masculinity men(he-he) could have lived long enough to enjoy themselves and prosper at the same time.

However, there are plenty of books out there that are written with less consideration for history or plain old logic (I can name names, but only if you ask) yet they get more stars for a soppy romance or non-stop sex.

That said - I loved the story. I loved everyone in it even Sir Ben who I hated more often than not (he can be so slow sometimes!). I am sweeping all of the historical inaccuracies that might - or might not - be there under the "fantasy" rug and awarding this book with 5 stars.


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