The Bacchi

The Bacchi - Belinda McBride So. Hermaphrodites. I don't think it counts as transgender, but I don't have a tag for hermaphrodites, and on purpose - I prefer the male sex bits separate from female. Shrugged my way through most of the sex scenes, the rest I skipped.

(Well, not completely truthful. I had to read the sex scenes, because it's not just your old plain banging. There is much more to it. Check this out:
"The orgasm pulsed through him, crashing him against a far shore, then dragging him back out to the depths where the pleasure was so great he just might have drowned in it." Loved it!)

The first part of the book dragged a little - 3.5 stars.

The second part, all the action on the barge and after I loved enough to give it 6 stars :)

4 stars total.

PS I won this book in a contest. Many thanks to Belinda for giving away a copy! :D


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