Angel Voices

Angel Voices - Rowan Speedwell A boy goes home for Christmas. His father cracks boy's head on the asphalt, a few ribs with his fist and kicks him out the house for evah and evah and evah for being gay.

The boy is hurt and cold and miserable. His gay (who wudda've thunk?) friend/roommate picks him up, cleans him up and adopts him in more ways than one, along with friend's big, loving, warm and loud and altogether amazing family.

The boy is all set with a new family and a lover and of course his own family is now "sooo sowwy", but the boy tells them to go screw. Everyone is proud of him. YAY! But then the boy takes back his brother and his mother and his aunt. Everybody is proud again and as happy as can be. MORE YAY!

Nothing I haven't read before.


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