Junction X

Junction X - Erastes I am a coward and I am not going to read this. There. I came out. That said, Please do not pick this book for me for any of the challenges.

I like my HEAs or at least HFNs. I am a cheerful person and wrote nothing but crack in my whole entire life. I even had my teachers laughing themselves off their chairs while reading my essay on War and Peace in high school. And no, not because of poor spelling. They gave me a C- for disrespect to the dear Mr. Lion the Fat. Granted, I was much funnier in those old days.

Never liked Ray Bradbury either, amazing as he is, for that same reason. I even cried (again) over a short article about Alan Turing I found in a magazine at my kids' music school two days ago. Nothing new, but gets me every time.

So, here's me - skipping the deep and meaningful awesomeness of this book and moving on to the shallower shinier waters drenched with sun and full of bright and sparkly little fishies. Occasional showers and thunderstorms are welcome, but only in quick passing.


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