First You Fall

First You Fall - Scott  Sherman I was just tagging the book and realized I had to select a "minimal/no sex" tag for a book about a rent boy. Ha-ha.

I read through the reviews and found a few negative points, quite valid ones, too, that should bring the stars down. Yes, there were some not very appropriate jokes at other characters' expense, but be real. How often do we do it in real life without even realizing it at times? It's unfortunate, but true.
The mystery aspect might be far-fetched but the story grabs your attention, sucks you right in and won't let you go until the end. There should be something said for that.
The final chapters were a bit over the top - criminal after criminal confessing to their crimes. But - oh, well, - there was a point to it. You thought you figured it out, but didn't! :P
5 stars. Filing it under "favorites".


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